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Google Ads, PPC/SEM

The Challenge

The Wisconsin Center for Christian Study (WCCS) and acclaimed Biblical scholar N.T. Wright have collaborated on a series of online courses and e-Books that provide a deeper analysis of general themes and specific books found in the Bible. For help driving potential students to their N.T. Wright Online website and e-newsletter, they turned to the digital marketing experts at CI Design (CID).

The Solution

Our search engine marketing (SEM) team knew Google Ads would be an effective tool for WCCS, but as a non-profit, cost was a concern. Not wanting to eliminate this important source of traffic, our team recommended applying for a Google Grant.

Through this program, Google offers non-profit organizations up to $10,000 worth of in-kind advertising per month. Our team worked closely with WCCS to help them through the application process. We ensured language on their website and landing pages met standards required by Google, and conducted keyword research to help build the most effective ads possible.

While working through the application process, we also took steps to optimize their web content for search by incorporating beneficial keywords into the website copy and creating relevant metadata.

Once their Google Grant application was accepted, we created a series of targeted Google Ads and content landing pages that urged visitors to sign up for a course, download an e-Book, or subscribe to the N.T. Wright newsletter.

The Results

Since we began running ads through Google Grants, their content has reached a new and wider audience. The organization’s email list (the main communication channel with students) has grown by 9%, and visits to have increased considerably.

In fact, with help from CID’s team, organic (non-paid) traffic from Google increased 66% in just the first six months of the engagement.

Wccs Google Grants
Wccs Landing Page

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