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Vollrath Manufacturing Services

Brand Story Alignment Workshop, Event Planning, Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Copywriting

Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) is an original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) best friend. They can design, engineer, and produce nearly any standard or custom manufacturing product or part imaginable. But, consistently communicating the breadth and depth of their offerings was a challenge internally and externally. CI Design’s team was up for it.

Find the story

To create a cohesive message and gain traction internally, CID began by leading the VMS team through our brand story workshop. The exercise is crucial in establishing an agreed-upon way to describe the organization.

Put it on paper

With an aligned story in our pocket, we created a robust messaging guide and other tools for internal and external use. The guide contained everything a brand ambassador could need:

• Value propositions

• Elevator speeches

• General talking points

From there, we used the aligned messaging to build other critical tools, including:

• Content strategy

• Case studies

• Whitepaper

• Sales sheets

• FAQs

Get on the same page

With the story established and some key tools created, our next task was to unveil the messaging internally. 

CID planned a roll-out event that included a fun role-playing activity to help their sales team learn the new vernacular. (VMS continues to use this strategy to ensure consistent messaging across the entire sales team.)

In addition, the sales team was provided a flipbook containing VMS’ value propositions and key talking points for fast access to messaging on-the-go.


Share the story

Once the internal team was on board, it was time to share the story externally. To raise awareness of the organization's end-to-end capabilities, CID’s marketing team:

• Created core personas

• Developed an appropriate content marketing strategy, including:

- Recommended channels

- Content types

- Content topics

Continue building the story online

The final chapter of this engagement was to tell the story on their website - without doing a complete redesign.

CID’s copywriting team integrated the new messaging and value propositions into the site’s existing copy. Content carried over from the existing site was given a refresh to ensure it was consistent with new messaging and relevant to the brand’s personas. And we continue to be VMS’ partner for messaging tools, including an impactful services offering video.

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