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Digital Marketing, Featured Snippet & SEG Ads

The Challenge

Agam is a leading manufacturer of modular display systems used at trade shows and events. When the company wanted to boost brand awareness and generate leads, they turned to the digital marketing experts at CI Design.


The Solution

Our search engine optimization (SEO) specialists worked closely with Agam to ensure their website was set up to appear in relevant online searches. The team conducted keyword research, and recommended adding metadata that would help Agam’s web content connect with the right customers. Along with optimizing content for organic search, CID created and managed pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and Google Ads for the company. Thanks to the agile nature of digital campaigns, we were able to A/B test ad content and make adjustments in real time to make sure the ads we were running were effective.

Creating custom landing pages for the PPC campaigns made the content more relevant to targeted keyword searches. Having landing pages that are relevant to keyword searches and pay-per-click ads helps decrease the bounce rate. The more engaged users are with a PPC landing page, the more Google sees that page as relevant, which increases the quality score of your pay per click campaigns. That’s important, because high quality scores will bring the cost- per-click for each keyword down, which decreases the media spend. And, these campaigns make it even easier to track precisely which leads were generated by our marketing efforts.


The Results

In addition to generating leads through paid advertising, our team’s SEO efforts propelled Agam to “position zero” in Google search results by landing their content as a “featured snippet.”

Agam Linkedin
Agam Featured Snippet

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