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AR Sales App

Rite-Hite is dedicated to the manufacturing, sale and service of loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers, HVLS fans, industrial curtain walls, and more. But they had a problem: How do you sell your loading dock products when its not financially or logistically feasible to transport every prospect to a job site or facility location for a product tour?

Bring the loading dock to every appointment.

To help Rite-Hite get around this challenge, we built an immersive, interactive augmented reality sales app that allows prospects to explore every corner of a loading dock environment and see how Rite-Hite’s family of products can impact a workplace for the better. The tablet-based app allows for a 360 degree view of both the product and how it works, and lets the sales team guide potential customers along on a 22-point step-through of pure Rite-Hite innovation.

Ritehite Ar App Detail 1

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