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Brand Development, Internal Rollout, and Marketing Strategy

After more than three decades of delivering logistics concepts and processes to industry leaders throughout the United States, Storage Systems Midwest (SSM) decided it was time for a rebrand and came to CI Design for help.

Trust the process.

We began the way we begin every rebranding process: research. Lots of research. In order to achieve the best rebrand possible for SSM, it was critical for us to have a thorough understanding of their company, customers and employees. This gave us the foundation we needed to move forward with the rebrand: achieving company-wide alignment through story, creating a brand new name (Axiom) and developing a strategic marketing solution.

Then have us throw a party for you. (Sort of.)

Our final task in this rebrand was to help Axiom present the new name, story, and visual brand to their employees. Working together with their team, we facilitated a successful all-employee event that officially kicked off the internal roll-out.

Axiom Detail
Axiom Detail Preview

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