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Brand Story Alignment Workshop, Event Planning, Video Production

For more than six decades, Alto-Shaam has been a recognized leader in the foodservice industry. They regularly invent and innovate better, more efficient equipment essential to the success of foodservice and retail clients across the globe.

What makes them so special?

Alto-Shaam came to CI Design looking for a better way to tell their story and communicate what sets their products, solutions, and overall culture apart. From our brand story workshop sessions, we centered in on the common story theme: Pioneering. We cultivated prioritized discussion categories and crafted the Pioneer inspiration into a brand messaging guide and framework for a new, memorable content strategy.

Sharing their story with the entire team.

Before this relaunch was revealed to the world, Alto-Shaam wanted to elevate the story and create experiences for their internal team to be aligned within the story framework. CI Design worked with Alto-Shaam to develop internal rollout activities, including a contest and video that engaged their employees in ambassadorship for recruiting efforts.

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