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Wolf Paving

Turning Untargeted Traffic into Commercial Conversions

The Challenge

Wisconsin’s Wolf Paving wasn’t getting strong results from their digital marketing efforts. While work by their previous agency partner was getting lots of traffic to their website, the traffic simply wasn’t turning into real leads.

We applied our depth of analytical research into the setup of their existing campaigns and discovered deficiencies in audience targeting. In the past, their efforts yielded results that were high-volume but low in terms of lead conversions — the equivalent of spinning your wheels during rush hour traffic.

We turned that equation around in order to show them how much traction a goals-driven strategy could deliver.

The Solution

Before implementing or recommending anything, our team audited Wolf Paving’s past efforts. We needed to understand the missing link between the high volume of traffic and the lack of conversions.

Upon taking a closer look, we uncovered the source of that disconnect: Their ads were set up to reach plenty of people, but not the right people. Rather than specifying their ideal customers’ age, interests, needs, or online behaviors, their previous campaigns had been highly over-generalized. In short, their audience network was unspecified, untargeted, and ultimately ineffective. When you leave something vague in an attempt to reach “just about everyone,” more often than not, you end up not reaching anyone.

After making this key discovery, our team got to work developing and implementing a three-pronged optimization approach which included:

• Website, SEO, and landing page updates

• Digital marketing strategy adjustments

- Targeted audience creation
- Audience segmentation
- Data and performance tracking

• Ad content creation

- Digital
- Google
- Social media

The Results

With our thorough assessment and our improved strategy in place, all that was left to do was to let the results start speaking for themselves. Within the first nine months of our partnership, CID helped bring in over six million dollars in potential business for Wolf Paving. Since then, Wolf Paving has secured over a third of those opportunities, far exceeding their ROI expectations.


potential business earned


of those opportunities have since been won


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