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Rite Hite

Zoning in on an Effective Lead Gen Strategy

The Challenge

Rite-Hite hadn’t done much marketing for their Zoneworks fabric curtain walls, but the company made a strategic decision to grow awareness and generate leads for the business unit in 2020.

Zoneworks walls are a flexible, non-permanent solution for facilities that need to create zones within a larger space. The versatile product can be used for temperature control, noise containment, dust or particulate control, and more.

To get things started, Zoneworks wanted to target food storage facility managers to let them know there is a better choice for keeping their blast freezer cells sealed: BZH Blast Freezer Curtains

The Challenge

The Solution

CI Design (CID) and Rite-Hite began with a collaborative working session to uncover information that would be instrumental in shaping our recommendations. The deep dive included discussion of:

• The specific audience and their pain points
• Product features/benefits
• Clearly defined goals
• Relevant KPIs

After some additional research of our own, CID analyzed the information and developed a strategy for increasing awareness and generating leads through an integrated multi-channel campaign.

Our team knew that B2B buying tends to happen by committee. So, we made sure the gated content we developed was something that would help one member of the decision-making team not only understand the benefits of BZH, but be equipped to share those benefits with their team and advocate for the product.

All leads that downloaded the offer were placed into an email nurture campaign that expanded on why using BZH is a safer, more effective, and efficient way to keep blast freezers sealed.

Our strategy to reach the target audience, as well as the messaging used throughout the various campaign channels, was directly shaped by the insights gained in our working session with Rite-Hite and our additional research.

Zoneworks - Rite Hite

We recommended a multi-channel digital campaign that targeted specific audiences. Along with highly relevant, keyword-rich messaging and a strong CTA, we enticed viewers with a piece of gated content that detailed the benefits of using BZH in a facility.

The Results

The campaign targeting the industrial food storage facility segment ran for six weeks.

Rite-Hite saw a tremendous increase in orders for BZH. By mid-2020, they had more than doubled orders as compared to 2018, and 22x as many as 2019.

In addition to leads, the campaign delivered significant ROI with the average cost-per-lead coming in at a fraction of the product’s cost.


qualified leads, specifically for BZH


additional “soft leads” showing general interest in BZH and other Zoneworks products


Integrated Services from CID

• Marketing strategy – audience research, persona creation, customer journey mapping
• Content strategy, planning, and development
• Email marketing campaigns, including a nurture stream
• Social media lead generation strategy & content (LinkedIn)
• Search campaign strategy & content (Google Ads)
• Campaign program support (metrics analysis & content optimization)
• SEO - onsite and campaign landing page optimizations
• HubSpot workflow strategy and tactical support:
   – List segmentation
   – Landing page creation
   – Email campaign setup
   – Workflow development

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