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Roadblocks to Conversions & What We Did About Them

The Situation

Something’s Not Right

You have open jobs at your company. A lot of them. You also have client orders that need to be completed, not to mention a slew of new clients and growth goals you need to hit.

Since you’re a smart and savvy marketer, you do all the right things: refine internal recruitment efforts, offer signing bonuses, and advertise open positions through targeted digital campaigns. 

The applications should be rolling in but….they just aren’t. At all. The pay and benefits are good, the company culture is great — something isn’t adding up. 

This is the scenario CID client Maysteel found itself in during the fall of 2021. Our team was determined to get to the bottom of it and help get those jobs filled.

What We Learned

Discovering the Disconnect

When our team took a look at the user journey applicants were taken on, we quickly realized the issue wasn’t with the ads or the jobs — it was the UX.

Anyone who’s applied for a job in the past decade has almost certainly done it using an online platform. Chances are the process was clunky at best. That was the case here as well. Redundant actions required, multiple clicks, and an interface that wasn’t easy to navigate. 

It was easy to see why qualified applicants might be giving up and moving on to apply at other companies. That’s never ideal, but in a market where qualified employees are in high-demand it’s a major obstacle for the organization.

How We Helped: Creating a Cleaner Path

As soon as our strategy team knew what was causing the discrepancy between ad clicks and completed applications, we were able to quickly recommend a solution. With a few simple adjustments to Maysteel’s website we:

• Eliminated inefficiencies in the UX

• Greatly simplified the user journey

• Streamlined the conversion process from start to finish

The change was noticeable almost instantly.

Now, Maysteel is well on their way to having the staffing level they need to not only meet the demands of their current clients, but continue adding new clients to their roster.

In less than two weeks after our UX recommendations were put in place, Maysteel received upwards of 20 applications from qualified job seekers. By the end of the month they had hired several new team members. 

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