Branding the "GRAND PLANS"​... The Avenue and 3rd Street Market Hall, Pt. 02
Avenue Branding, Part 01 Brand Development

Avenue Branding, Part 01

The intersection at Wisconsin Ave. and 3rd Street used to be the heartbeat of Downtown Milwaukee. For a long time now it has been very quiet. At the center of it is what used to be the Grand Avenue Mall. This collection of buildings is being reimagined by some good people, and we (CI Design) were invited to help create the brand story and visual identity for the new development. This short article is a little glimpse into the writing process.

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Three Misconceptions About Heatmaps Web Analytics

Three Misconceptions About Heatmaps

Heatmaps help us make informed, data-backed decisions for improving websites. But, there are some misconceptions out there about them. Read on to learn why heatmaps are a worthwhile investment for your next website redesign.

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What to Look For in an Agency Video Partner Video Production

What to Look For in an Agency Video Partner

We asked David Busse, our Senior Producer and Director of Video Production, what qualities people should look for when hiring an agency to handle their marketing video production.

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