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Google Ads: 101 Marketing Foundations

Google Ads: 101

Welcome to Google Ads: 101 — your quick guide to every type of ad Google has to offer, what they look like, and how to use each one the smart way.

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Meet CID: Morgan Dunham Meet CID

Meet CID: Morgan Dunham

Morgan Dunham is one of the Digital Marketing Specialists on CID's Marketing & Strategy team. Find out what she's using all those spreadsheets for and what she does for fun in this month's installment of Meet CID!

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Marketing Tools We Love Marketing Trends

Marketing Tools We Love

There is no shortage of marketing tools available to help make our jobs more productive, collaborative, and polished. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ones we use at CID to make our work and processes shine.

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Digital Tune-Up: Internal Linking Basics Marketing Tactics

Digital Tune-Up: Internal Linking Basics

What is an internal link and when, how, and why should you add them to your digital content? CID’s in-house expert Jade Scaffidi has the answers.

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How Marketers Can Thrive with First-Party Data Marketing Trends

How Marketers Can Thrive with First-Party Data

Internet cookies are on their way out, leaving marketers with less access to third-party data for their ad targeting. Is first-party data the answer?

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Meet CID: Amanda Luciano Meet CID

Meet CID: Amanda Luciano

Behind every successful digital campaign is a skilled strategist. Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist Amanda Luciano is one of those people here at CID. Find out more about her work, and her artistic pursuits.

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Case Study: Migrating a Massive Site to Kentico MVC Success Stories

Case Study: Migrating a Massive Site to Kentico MVC

CID led Versiti through a website redesign, including an CMS version upgrade. Dive into this case study to learn how and see some early results.

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Everything We Know About GA4 So Far Marketing Trends

Everything We Know About GA4 So Far

GA4 is going to replace Universal Analytics. Here’s what it means for your data and what you can do to get ready for the change.

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Meet CID: Jordan Block Meet CID

Meet CID: Jordan Block

Take a step behind the digital marketing curtain and get to know one of CID's SEO, Google Analytics, and all-around ad strategy wizards, Jordan Block.

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