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Thankful for CID's "Support Staff"
Meet CID: Erica Paucek Fun and Games

Meet CID: Erica Paucek

What do our clients like about CID? The staff! What does the staff like about CID? Also the staff! So why not get to know us? Say hello to Erica Paucek!

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CID Hearts Podcasts Fun and Games

CID Hearts Podcasts

We love podcasts, whether we're producing them with our clients, co-hosting them, or just listening to them. Take a look at this roundup of which podcasts we've been listening to and loving lately.

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Scary Stories to Read at Your Desk Fun and Games

Scary Stories to Read at Your Desk

CID presents two original terrifying tales of marketing mayhem to read at your desk...if you dare!

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CID's Dog Days of Summer Fun and Games

CID's Dog Days of Summer

Beat the "Back-to-School" blues with our "Dog Days of Summer" photo blog! (It's technically still summer, so we're going for it.)

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