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Meet CID: Dylan Taugher Meet CID

Meet CID: Dylan Taugher

From proposal to production, if you work with CID, you inevitably work with Dylan, our Director of Client Service, in some capacity. Get to know Dylan Taugher!

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Meet CID: Jonna Olson Meet CID

Meet CID: Jonna Olson

The editing room is where video footage becomes a real story. One of the talented people doing that work on CID's in-house production team is Associate Video Editor, Jonna Olson. Find out who inspires her and what she loves about her work.

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Meet CID: Travis Jansen Meet CID

Meet CID: Travis Jansen

Travis Jansen is our Sr. Dev Team Lead who helps deliver highly functional, user-friendly websites and apps to our clients, and occasionally delivers amazing smoked meats to the CID kitchen.

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Meet CID: Sami Tighe Meet CID

Meet CID: Sami Tighe

As one of our accounting pros, Sami Tighe makes sure all the numbers add up, the bills get paid, and the timesheets get done. Let’s learn what she does when she’s not doing math!

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Meet CID: Kevin Botting Meet CID

Meet CID: Kevin Botting

Kevin Botting has been a project management champion at CID for over five years now, and we think it’s high time you got the chance to get to know him better.

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Meet CID: Jordan Block Meet CID

Meet CID: Jordan Block

Take a step behind the digital marketing curtain and get to know one of CID's SEO, Google Analytics, and all-around ad strategy wizards, Jordan Block.

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Meet CID: Amy Klinkhammer Meet CID

Meet CID: Amy Klinkhammer

Usually when someone says it’s time to bring “The Hammer” in it's cause for alarm. Unless that is, they’re talking about Amy Klinkhammer, one of the writers and strategists on our award-winning marketing and strategy team! Then it’s time to celebrate because you get to work with a thoughtful, warm, funny, and creative pro. Get to know Amy!

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Meet CID: Dave Kang Meet CID

Meet CID: Dave Kang

Dave Kang is one of the folks who facilitates our brand story workshops as part of our storytelling team — when he’s not being an award-winning video producer. Get to know Dave.

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Meet CID: Rachel Weitendorf Meet CID

Meet CID: Rachel Weitendorf

Clients and staff alike often cite our people as one of the reasons they love working with CID. So let's get to know them! In this month's staff profile, meet Rachel Weitendorf, our Director of Production Operations.

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