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Meet CID: Kelli Daly
Meet CID

Meet CID: Kelli Daly

From our content to our client work, if the things we send out into the world look good, it’s because of our Art Director, Kelli Daly. Her undeniable style and skills aside, Kelli is also the reason our branding, design, and digital media work never falls victim to some common pitfalls that lead to unoriginal and uninspiring creative.
Get to know Kelli and learn why the personality, vitality, and intentionality she infuses into her work make it resonate.

Q: How would you describe your role at CID? 

A: If I had to sum it up, I would say my role is to be an extension of Jim’s design brain but equally important; to delight our clients by composing engaging and thoughtful executions.

Q: What is something that you wish everyone knew about your role, your work, or your team? 

A: More often than not, even minimal design requires an ample amount of time to execute.

Q: Your teams at CID know that you’re an all-around creative force, but what does life as an artist look like outside of your work? What do you love to create?

A: Outside of work, I tend to conserve my creative energy by enjoying more manual activities like gardening and hiking. When Milwaukee weather doesn’t allow for sunshine, I take up watercolor painting.

Q: What are some of the most challenging and/or rewarding aspects of design work? How do our Art Directors at CID approach the creative challenges that exist in the digital advertising world?                  
A: Meeting at the intersection of client needs and design best practices can be challenging. However, I feel like that’s where some of our most fun design problem-solving work starts. 

Q: Tell us about something that’s been bringing you joy lately.
A: Soup season!

Q: Who do you draw inspiration from? Do you have any professional mentors or personal heroes you’d like to shout out? 

A: Jim has been an amazing mentor; engaging, thoughtful, and fun. In fact, shout out to the entire CID team: you inspire me to do more and learn more!

Q: Last but not least, what is a mantra, motto, catchphrase, or personal code that motivates and inspires you? 

A: “Make it work.” - Tim Gunn


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Amy Klinkhammer

Amy Klinkhammer-Thomas

Copywriter & Content Specialist

"Bring in the Klinkhammer," they said...and we did! Amy is part of our award-winning marketing & strategy team where she writes for ads, email, the web, video and so much more. She also drinks too much coffee and spends too much time debating the Oxford comma.

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