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Meet CID: Dylan Taugher
Meet CID

Meet CID: Dylan Taugher

As Director of Client Service, Dylan Taugher is one of the first people you'll meet when you work (or are considering working) with CID. He's here to connect our clients with the right team and help keep everyone on track. Here's how he does it and manages to keep everyone smiling along the way.

Q: What is your personal elevator pitch? How would you describe your role at CID?

A: 5-second: Director of Sales and all things client service.

10-second: I play the role of a translator. In our industry in particular, it seems like everybody talks about the same things in a slightly different way, or with a slightly different acronym. My job is to interpret.

15-second: I have a special gift of getting everyone on the same pag
e, using the same language, and

moving towards a common goal. That is largely what I do in my role at CID. Whether that is between internal teams, clients and CID, or ideas and proposals. I am ensuring everyone is being heard and that we are moving as effectively and efficiently as possible toward our goals.

Q: What is something that you wish EVERYONE knew about your role, your work, or your team?

A: I wish everyone knew the amount of input going into each and every decision internally and externally.

There are multiple inputs going into each stage of any decision, even each stage of a decision has multiple dependencies on the step before or after it. What I enjoy in my role is applying imagination and decision-making skills to each of those interdependencies, sometimes of people and talent, sometimes of budget and capacity, sometimes of business goals and short-term objectives.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work and/or the culture here at CID?

A: If you asked my 7-year-old self what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you a farmer in between begging my family and friends to play Monopoly with me just one more time. So naturally, you would expect that I would end up on a farm or in real estate.

I did take a career detour into commercial real estate for a time before finding myself in agency land, but still haven’t had the chance to fulfill my farm management dreams.

In my current role, I get to spend all of my time solving high-level business problems that have bottom-line impacts for both our clients and CID. It’s a joy for me to have that type of influence and trust.

Q: You are known at CID for your discernment, leadership, and process improvement prowess, but what are some of your other talents, hobbies, or interests outside of the office?

A: I am coming to terms with the fact that I might be a bit of a hobby collector. Here are a few that
have been the most consistent throughout my life:

1. Board games (and video games)
2. Music production
3. Motorsport, particularly Formula 1 racing

Q: If our sources are correct, you are the one who introduced a long-standing debate that continues to spark passionate discourse amongst your CID team members. So, let’s set the record straight:

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

A: First, let’s set the record straight. While I would be proud to be the originator of this long-standing debate at CID, I believe I was just “the marketer” who popularized the debate. If I did in fact introduce it to the group at large, I am very proud to hold this high honor.

Also, a hot dog is not a sandwich. No further questions.

Q: Now, for something less serious. If you could only watch one movie or TV show again for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Bob’s Burgers

Q: Who inspires you? Do you have any professional mentors or personal heroes you’d like to shout out?

Dylan & JimA: Jeff Rymaszewski - Professor of Real Estate at UWM. Jeff had a profound impact on the way I look at businesses/approach business as a whole through the lens of real estate.

Matt Williamson - Honorary board member of CID + Retired President of Brady Corporation. Matt has been extremely gracious with his time to mentor me through some of the toughest moments in my career and has shown me how to approach every tough business decision and situation with patience, grace, and ultimately, confident discernment.

Jim Taugher - CEO + Executive Creative Director of CID. (No, I was not paid to write this ;) ) We share a last name and no we are not brothers, even though that is a common misconception. I really owe it all to my dad, Jim. I was never pressured, required, or given a place here at CID. My dad always encouraged me to do something that gives me life and to work hard at it. That took my career away from CID and ultimately back to the deep into the inner workings of CID.

Early in my career, he provided a platform and an environment for me to be around businesses (clients, vendors, and CID) at the highest level and that has given me the hands-on experience that has shaped me into the business person I am
today. We often joke that I have had nearly 30 years of agency experience because I grew up in it.

Present day career, he continues to guide my growth in Business EQ (Emotional Intelligence), pacing, and by not holding me back at all. The amount of responsibility I have at CID is the ultimate testament to his mentorship and proof that he trusts me 100% and that is all I could ever ask for. It’s the biggest joy and I know will hold some of my life's fondest memories to be able to run this business alongside Jim (as he’s known at work) AKA my dad (everywhere else).

Q: Last but not least, what is a mantra, motto, catchphrase, or personal code that motivates and inspires you?

A: “Sometimes you’ve just got to lick the stamp and send it.” -Daniel Riccardo


Fun fact: In many cases "Contact CID" really means "Contact Dylan." Want to talk business with Dylan? Contact "CID" to get started!

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