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Boring 2 Boring is Dead! Long Live Engaging B2B Content!
Marketing Trends

Boring 2 Boring is Dead! Long Live Engaging B2B Content!

In a recent post, we talked about B2B marketing trends we think are important to pay attention to in 2023. One of those trends is recognizing that B2B buyers are actual human beings. And what’s something human beings like?

Stuff that isn’t dull! Stuff that’s meaningful! Stuff that’s helpful!

You know, all the stuff B2B content often isn’t.

More B2B marketers are looking at their content strategy through B2C lenses and coming to the conclusion that the traditional approach (known to some as “Boring 2 Boring”) has to die.

They’re making videos that feel more personal, using sleeker graphics on social media, and making their websites more user-friendly. Their messaging is putting what their audience needs from their product or service first rather than leading with a certain spec or product feature.

It’s not just for fun, though that certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s because B2B buyers are spending more time researching on their own before reaching out to a sales rep. Having engaging, interesting content makes it easier for those buyers to remember which brand gave them something different while they were lost in a sea of spec sheets and block after block of long technical copy.

B2B Content that Stands Out
Frankly, CID is here for it. We’ve been helping our own B2B clients make their videos, blogs, website content, trade show presences, digital advertising — whatever they need — more engaging, visually appealing, and enticing for their target audiences for a while now. Here are a few quick examples:

This video is part of a series we developed with Eaton that explains the benefits and some tech specs behind one of Eaton’s products using a quiz show framing. All the relevant info is there for Eaton’s audience of engineers, but it’s presented in a way that’s a lot different than the usual product videos they might be used to (and tired of) seeing.


Virtuoso Website

Virtuoso is a Chicago-based Salesforce partner with a lot of personality to go along with their expertise. For their new website, CID helped develop a smooth user experience paired with content that showcases their considerable skills and unique style. Conversational, easy-to-read copy that still shares all the need-to-know info with their visitors makes this a pleasant site for their prospects to spend time on.


Alto-Shaam Converge Oven Promo

Interesting, engaging new product launches can happen in the B2B world too. Alto-Shaam worked with us to create a campaign that stood out from the usual approach in the industry (beauty shot with a headline and list of specs) to introduce their latest oven. The result was a beautiful, sleek campaign that touted the real-world benefits that users could expect when using the product. (See the Converge animation on Alto-Shaam's Instagram.)

These are just a few examples of engaging B2B content that we brought to life recently. What they all have in common is the belief that marketing made for buyers in manufacturing, technology, or other commercial sectors can have personality.

Ok, But How do I Convince Sales This is Right?
We’d like to say “by sitting back and letting all the MQLs roll in,” but we know it’s rarely that simple.

First, talk with them. We’ve found that when marketing and sales teams are aligned, communicating, and working toward the same goal it’s a lot easier to get buy-in when you want to try something new.

If you haven’t yet, research your audience and develop buyer personas. Show your colleagues in sales that you know who to target and what type of content will appeal to them.

Examples are always helpful, so why not share B2B content you really like with them when you run across it. Start a conversation about why you think it’s working, where you saw it, and what you like about it.

Finally, listen to what they have to say, and reassure them that you share the same goal: filling the pipeline. If your sales team tells you that they know specs really, truly are the most important thing to buyers, find a way to make that information the star of your content in a memorable, meaningful way for your prospects.

Is it challenging? Absolutely. But solving creative challenges is half the fun of marketing, isn’t it?

Let’s put boring B2B content out of its misery and solve some creative challenges together. Contact CID to get started.

Rebecca Rick

Rebecca Rick

Senior Content Strategist + Copywriter

Creative. Strategic. Crategic? (We'll workshop it.) Rebecca's part of our award-winning marketing & strategy team where she turns ideas into words and words into content.

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