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Is your Kentico site ready for MVC?
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Is your Kentico site ready for MVC?

Support for older versions of Kentico are set to phase out in 2023, as it’s switching to the MVC Development Model.

This is exciting to all of us here at CID because MVC is a game-changer for what our clients will be able to do with the sites we build for them. 


What This Shift To MVC Means For You

As you know, this switch means that within the next year, you’ll need to:

    1. Migrate your existing web properties to the latest version of Kentico
    2. Rebuild your entire web property from scratch on Kentico MVC

Both of these options require a substantial amount of time to train your staff and complete the project. Time you may not have in your busy day-to-day. 

The Good News

We can help.

Our web team has been implementing MVC since its inception. As a result, we’re one of only a handful of teams in the region who understand MVC at this deep a level. 

With us as your trusted web partner, we can:

  • Train your in-house team so they understand what they need to do to properly migrate or rebuild
  • Serve as an extension of your in-house team to help with the migration or rebuild itself
  • Take care of the migration or rebuild while your in-house team handles the day-to-day demands

Expand Your Capabilities Today

Want help figuring out if your site’s MVC-ready? Email to schedule a meeting today.

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The CI Trends Team

The CI Trends Team

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