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Meet CID: Kevin Botting
Meet CID

Meet CID: Kevin Botting

Ah, Project Managers. What can’t they do? Whether you have questions that need answering or you’re searching for expert guidance and inspiring collaboration for your latest undertaking, Project Managers are your go-to resource. Lucky for us, we have an all-star cast of PMs on our team who serve as champions for our clients and our internal teams on the daily.

Kevin Botting is one of our resident champions for web development, digital strategy, creative campaigns, and just about every other type of project you could imagine (and then a few others we’re forgetting, probably.) He’s a man of many hats who’s been saving the day at CID for over five years now, and we think it is high time that you got the chance to get to know him a little better.


Q: First things first: give us your personal elevator pitch. How would you describe your role at CID?

A: How much time have you got? Oh, this is your floor? Ok, then I’ll make this quick:

I’ve got connections.

You need time for some development? I got you. Need some writing or creative time? Consider it yours. I can get you what you need.

Q: So much of your work feels “behind the scenes.” Tell us one thing you wish EVERYONE knew about your job.

A: Coordinating schedules and calendars can have you feeling like you are Will Hunting with those math problems.


Q: What do you enjoy most about working with our CID clients?

A: The passion and ingenuity they bring to the table to allow us to solve or help bring their visions to life.

Honestly, no two clients are the same and that is refreshing. It creates excitement and innovation, and it means there’s always someone bringing something new to the table each day.


Q: Who inspires you? Do you have any professional mentors or personal heroes you’d like to shout out?

A: I think the cheesy answer, but also the right answer, is my dad. I admire him for the tireless effort he has always shown and brings to every aspect of his life.

He has taught me to always keep trying and to keep putting in your best work no matter the obstacle.


Q: Aside from the skillful way you advocate for clients and your teams at CID, what are some of your other talents, hobbies, or superpowers?

A: I am a dad to two young daughters, so I have the ability to adapt and become any pretend person, animal, or random object needed at the drop of a hat.

(Editor’s note: Kevin is also one of the funniest people at CID which we are, frankly, a little jealous of.)

Kevin and the fam

Q: Ok, enough about work. What’s a hobby, interest, or pastime you’ve been enjoying lately?

A: I’ve taken up the home chef role so I want to shout out Chris Kimball and his wonderful Milk Street magazine.

Oh, and are we still doing Wordles? Because I am. And also the NYT Daily and the NYT Crosswords.


Q: We are still welcoming in the New Year. Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2023?

A: I’m trying to see Springsteen. Anyone got extra tickets?


Q: Ok. One more for the road: what is a mantra, motto, catchphrase, or personal code that motivates and inspires you?

A: There are too many to count, but here’s a handful:

Live. Laugh. Love
Home is where the heart is.
Dance like no one’s watching. Sing like no one’s listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt.

(Editor’s note: See? Told you he’s funny.)

Want to work with Kevin on your next digital project? Contact CID and we'll make it happen. 

Amy Klinkhammer

Amy Klinkhammer-Thomas

Copywriter & Content Specialist

"Bring in the Klinkhammer," they said...and we did! Amy is part of our award-winning marketing & strategy team where she writes for ads, email, the web, video and so much more. She also drinks too much coffee and spends too much time debating the Oxford comma.

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