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Happy 30th Anniversary to Us!
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Happy 30th Anniversary to Us!


CID Celebrates 30 YearsThirty years ago this August (the 16th to be exact), the company that would become the CI Design we know and love today got its start by Jim Taugher in a small office at 306 N. Milwaukee St. That small office has now expanded to two floors (and a few states), but we still call that same building in the heart of the Third Ward home. 

Of course, the physical space we use isn’t the only thing that’s expanded. In the beginning, CID was primarily a design shop specializing in visual brand identity and logo design. These days, along with brand and logo design, we deliver a wide range of services to clients like website development, digital marketing, content marketing, and video production.

The work that has come out of our building has made an impact for our clients, and in some cases has been woven into the fabric of Milwaukee itself. The sign gracing the top of the 3rd St. Market Hall, or the logo for the Historic Third Ward are just two recent examples.

At big milestone anniversaries like this one, it’s tempting (and fun) to get caught up in the nostalgia of it all. But we want to make sure we’re acknowledging just how far we’ve come as an organization and as a team over these last few decades, and use that growth as our guide for how far we can go in the next few. Jim puts it like this:

“30 years ago I had just celebrated my 1-year wedding anniversary and drove a U-Haul across the country to start this adventure. I can honestly say this is the greatest team we’ve ever assembled and it feels like we’re just getting started. Here’s to the next 30!” 

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