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Meet CID: Rachel Weitendorf
Meet CID

Meet CID: Rachel Weitendorf

Our clients almost always cite our staff as one of the reasons they love working with CID. And, our staff almost always cites our staff as one of the reasons they love working at CID. So, with that in mind, let’s get to know the people of CID!

Rachel Weitendorf is our resilient, witty, understanding, and always focused Director of Production Operations. She's the one that makes sure client projects are properly staffed up, that everyone's on the same page, and wields a spreadsheet like nobody's business. Get to know Rachel!


My guilty pleasure is...

Traveling. If I'm on a plane going somewhere new to explore, there is nothing better!

I'm most comfortable in...

My own bed. If I have the option, I'm always choosing to sleep. Although with a 1-year-old it's not exactly easy. 


In non-pandemic times, I never leave home without...

My cell phone.

The last book(s) I read was...

Next Year in Havana (I'm a nerd for historical fiction and loved learning more about Cuba!)


When I was little I wanted to be... many things! A veterinarian, a judge, a writer, an actress...need I go on?

The last show I binged was...

"Dear John: The Betty Broderick Story." True crime and Christian Slater! What’s not to binge?

I spend my social media time on...

Facebook or Pinterest

Is a hot dog a sandwich?



I’m proud that I always…

try to keep an optimistic outlook (much to my husband's chagrin, sometimes!)

My favorite thing about working at CID is...

being a part of this talented, kick-butt team! Creativity, trust, and hard work know no limits here!

One piece of advice to someone starting in my field is...

Try new things. You never know what you will really gravitate to or excel at unless you try a variety of skills in this field.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Rachel!

The CI News Team

The CI News Team

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