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Meet CID: Jim Taugher
Meet CID

Meet CID: Jim Taugher

Our clients almost always cite our staff as one of the reasons they love working with CID. And, our staff almost always cites our staff as one of the reasons they love working at CID. So, with that in mind, let’s get to know the people of CID!

Jim Taugher may not really need an introduction. As CID's owner, Executive Creative Director, CEO and Chief Connector (okay, that's not a real title), chances are you've met him, worked with him, or are only a degree or two separated from him.

His design roots run deep and he is an active contributor to many client projects and programs. Aside from his wife and children, his other great loves include music, cars, and the entire team at CID (naturally). 


My guilty pleasure is...

anthemic guitar solos

I'm most comfortable in...

black jeans.


In non-pandemic times, I never leave home without...

A monthly playlist of the new music that I’m listening my way through, or latest audio book download.

The last book(s) I read was...

Scar Tissue, Anthony Kiedis' Autobiography

Atomic Habits by James Clear


When I was little I wanted to be an...

Racecar driver.

The last show I binged was...

30 Rock

I spend my social media time on...


Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Yes, but only if the top bun gets separated from the bottom bun


I’m proud that I'm always…

can see multiple paths to a solution.

My favorite thing about working at CID is...

Riffing off of each other, sometimes really polishing that first inspiration, and often times forging much further into new ideas that spring forth. And learning that those ideas can come from anyone at anytime. We have great process and collaboration that lets this happen.

One piece of advice to someone starting in my field is...

Challenge yourself to try a second approach to every solution


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Jim!

The CI News Team

The CI News Team

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