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Thankful for CID's "Support Staff"
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Thankful for CID's "Support Staff"

This year has put a lot of things in perspective, to make a huge understatement. At this time of year where we take stock of what we're thankful for, we're taking a moment to express our gratitude for those who have supported us, entertained us, and kept it 100 while we work in our home offices.

Thank you to our pets, kids, plants, home espresso makers, roommates, partners, and spouses for being there. You make being physically separated from our co-workers a little bit easier.


Amanda's husband Nick and dog Roy. She confessed it was hard to find a picture of them both not sleeping!


Brent's wire fox terrier Kip doesn't really know the meaning of personal space, but looks like he's very helpful with spreadsheets!


One of Erica's cats, Belushi, enjoys lounging on top of laptops so much, she set him up with his own to lay on so he'd stay off of hers.


Erica's other cat Wickett stops by over lunch.


Katie's son Holden has got this "work hard, play hard" thing down already!


Heather's house of bulldogs (Peaches, Gus and Poppy) and her husband Jim keep her on her toes - as well as frequently explaining why you hear snoring while on calls with her (from the dogs, not Jim).


Rebecca's bed desk is on point - especially when she can have both Poppy (her cat) and Cookie Lou (her dog) by her side.

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The CI News Team

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