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Moms Tell All: What working from home is really like these days
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Moms Tell All: What working from home is really like these days

Working from home is a big adjustment. And, if you’re doing it with kids around it’s also bound to come with a few surprises. We asked a few CID moms to share some highlights they’ve had while quarantining with kids.


Katie, mom of 18-month-old

One really fun moment happened on a recent Sunday. My kiddo’s future elementary school did a car parade in our neighborhood. There must've been at least 20 cars, all decorated with "I miss you!" signs for their students. They even had the mascot dressed up and sticking out of one of the car roofs. It was really touching and sweet!

A lot of the time my work-week "momming" basically involves me hiding in the office and texting my husband to see when it’s safe for me to sneak out to the bathroom or to grab some snacks so my toddler won't see me and demand some mom time!


Steph, mom of 2-year-old & 6-year-old

It’s definitely had its ups and downs, that’s for sure. There have, of course, been daily interruptions to video calls, including one where my 2-year-old stripped down to their birthday suit and was running wild (fortunately not behind me that time). 

Then there’s trying to figure out how much school work we should be doing with our 6-year-old while trying to juggle working from home full time. Spoiler alert: playing in the dirt and building with LEGO totally counts as kindergarten work.

I also feel very thankful that my husband has such a flexible schedule so he can be our primary caregiver for our kids. My kids come down to our office to see me at least once an hour, which is really sweet. They just swarm to my lap between calls for hugs. (But also, can you please just be with your dad for a full hour?) The hugs are a nice morale boost though, not gonna lie. 


Rebecca, mom of 3-year-old

This is the most time I’ve spent with my kid since maternity leave, which is a weird thing to think about. It’s been extremely stressful at times — my husband is an essential worker so it’s just the two of us a few days a week. It’s been really cool to have conversations and see what my kiddo is actually into reading or watching or playing all day (turns out it's Mickey Mouse, castles/princesses, Batman, and animals).

We started potty training right before shelter at home started, and it’s going well. But, I will never forget till the end of my days, having a last-minute client call that happened at the same time as a last-minute nature call. I wound up on mute, no video, Slacking typo-laden responses to a colleague with my left hand, and holding a freaked out little kid’s hand with my right, coaching them through it all. I’m so glad to have co-workers and clients who get life with little kids. The client called the work resulting from that call “fantastic,” which is great! In retrospect, it was a hilarious scene, but I hope I never have to do a call like that again. 


Moms of CID (and the world over), we salute you and thank you for all your hard work — always, but especially now. Because, when we say “we’re all in it together,” we mean we’re all in this messy stuff together, too.

Rebecca Rick

Rebecca Rick

Senior Content Strategist / Copywriter

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