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There’s still room for joy
CID News

There’s still room for joy

Well, this has been quite the week. Most of us here at CID (and probably your office too) have gone remote in an effort to adhere to social distancing recommendations. We’re taking the advice of public health professionals seriously, and you should too. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to have a little fun and lighten the mood here and there — from a distance. Humans gonna human, after all.

We created a Slack channel for ourselves called HappyPlace, and we’ve been sharing our kid and pet pictures, games, and things we’re doing to help make being stuck inside a little bit easier when we aren't working on things for our clients.


How we're passing the (down) time

Quite a few of us are blasting our music as loud as we want since nobody’s around to complain about it. We’re staying connected to family via FaceTime and Skype, and even having a few virtual happy hours with friends when we’re off the clock. 

We’ve also found a little time to get reacquainted with our favorite hobbies like knitting, baking, drawing, or making a dent in our reading lists (btw, if you need a book or two to get you through this, Boswell Book Co. is delivering orders right to your door.)


Neil has been busy fly tying, while Wes has been tackling some woodworking projects. A few other folks have been using free mediation exercises from Headspace.

We’ve busted out board games, puzzles, and built block towers or made cardboard crafts with our kids. 


Links we love

Of course, it’s not a CID Slack channel without tons of links, videos, and memes. Here are a few of our faves from the past week. We hope they help keep your spirits lifted while we try to get through this strange time.

First, we're adding a little fun to our usual hand washing routine courtesy of WashYourLyrics.

Scouring the internet for cute animal videos and going on virtual zoo visits.

Adding some culture to our lives via virtual museum tours.

And finally, rockin' out to some classic jams:



Stay safe in there everyone!


We’re all in this together. The best thing we can do is take precautionary steps to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Wash your hands, avoid large gatherings, and stay home if you’re feeling sick.

Be extra kind to retail and service workers, and, if you are able, consider making monetary donations to your favorite local food banks, shelters, or other organizations that serve vulnerable individuals. 

The CI News Team

The CI News Team

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