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How We Made The Vollrath Foodservice Website, Part 03: CMS & Integrations
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How We Made The Vollrath Foodservice Website, Part 03: CMS & Integrations

(If you missed the first two parts about discovery and design, read Part 01 and Part 02 here.)

To bring you up to speed: In 2018, commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer Vollrath Foodservice recognized that their then-current website could no longer fully meet their customers’ needs, nor could it provide the more interactive, B2C-style online experience that industry talent craved. 

Their RFP process led them to CI Design, and together we embarked on a substantial digital transformation, starting with an extensive and crucial discovery, followed by a collaborative UX & Design Process.

Which leads us to this third and final installment of our blog series: CMS & Integrations. Though these things were technically the result of Part 01 and institutionalized in Part 02, we wanted to give them their own special segment due to the invaluable role they play in’s success.

This wasn’t just any old website. This was one with five unique target audiences, 10,000 products, and 150+ years of reputation attached to it. Providing a successful digital transformation would require a back-end as reliable and versatile as the products Vollrath was known for. CID’s development team was up for the challenge.

As part of our assessment work for the Vollrath Foodservice website, our development team conducted a deep Content Management System (or CMS) evaluation. Kentico (pictured above) emerged as the right solution based on a mix of functionality, licensing model, development platform compatibility, and global support access.

Key features like Kentico Forms Builder, Kentico Page Builder, Scheduled Tasks, and Smart Search were utilized immediately, with Marketing Automation and Contact Integrations in the works for future phases. 

Using the most recent version of Kentico—Kentico 12 SP—also allowed us to set Vollrath Foodservice up for long-term success. This not only prepares Vollrath Foodservice for Kentico’s eventual transition to MVC-only support, but also grants them greater control over the website itself. Now, when Vollrath needs to update the front-end of their website, they can make edits, additions, and upgrades without having to depend on a third-party development team. 

To create a website with truly dynamic functionality required a number of solutions working together towards a greater good. CI Design utilized a number of integrations with and in Kentico 12 SP in order to give the new Vollrath Foodservice website the capabilities it needed.

  • Salsify - for product inventory management (PIM). This is one of the deepest integrations.
  • Widen - for digital asset management (DAM) of their massive library, including downloads, videos, and photographs
  • Google Analytics - because the internet revolves around Google. (Sorry, Bing!)
  • New Relic - for performance tracking
  • Excel Importer - for dealer data. Without a direct-to-consumer e-commerce option, Vollrath relies on a vast network of dealers throughout the country.
  • Azure Search - to provide the Vollrath Foodservice website with four unique search types—blogs/articles, products, product categories, and documents.

A website that improves every aspect of end-user interactivity, from customer service and product information to service availability through post-sales support. This CMS and these integrations will also allow Vollrath Foodservice to provide the culinary world with faster, easier access to the information and inspiration they need to exceed expectations every day.

When you’re ready to create a more complete and successful web experience for your customers, give us a call.



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