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Augmented Reality: A social distancing sales solution gets real
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Augmented Reality: A social distancing sales solution gets real

CID recently helped Bradley Corp. launch a new augmented reality (AR) sales app. Although the app was in the works before the pandemic forced showrooms and trade shows to shut down, it has become an invaluable tool to help Bradley safely share a new product line with potential customers. 

How it works

Using their iPads (Android version coming soon!), users can browse Bradley’s line of washroom fixtures and finishes. The app superimposes their selection over an image of a customer’s existing installation, or in a new build location allowing them to see exactly how the fixture will look when it’s installed. 

It’s a game changer for contractors, builders, architects, and designers who can now “try before they spec.” Along with a wide array of finishes, they can also play around with other options and configurations to customize products to meet their exact needs. 

Check out this video for an overview:

For Bradley, it’s made sharing new products easier than ever. And, when new product lines need to be added, it’s relatively simple to update the app, add them in, and let users know they have new options to explore.

How we made it

When you think, “augmented reality” you might think it takes months and months to complete. And, while extremely complicated apps might, CID’s team completed this relatively complex app in about eight weeks. 

Yep. Eight weeks. 

All we needed to start the project was product CAD files, and product finish samples. 

What’s more, we were able to keep development cost-effective for Bradley while including robust features and functionality. (Having designers, developers, and 3D animators in-house is our secret sauce.) 

Making a real impact 

Since the app went live, it has helped Bradley’s team reach customers in the field, on their own schedules, while reps can't visit in person. 

While it’s proven extremely useful during these social distancing times, it won’t stop being useful when face-to-face meetings resume. 

Bradley is planning to use a version of the app as a field sales tool when reps can get back out to see customers. They’ll be able to use it like a traveling, customizable showroom — without having to lug zillions of combinations of products along with them.

Bradley has also heard great feedback from the field and the app has already netted them several sales, which let’s face it, is what it’s all about! 

If you think your business could also stand to generate a few more leads, get in touch with us to talk about whether an AR solution is the right solution for you.

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Brent Kaufman

Brent Kaufman

VP of Sales and Digital Strategy

Brent works with clients to develop strategies to transform their businesses through digital media solutions. His extensive background with B2B and consumer programs allows him to help clients develop an effective digital strategy and achieve successful program return on investment.

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