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2020 Vision: CID's marketing predictions for the year ahead

2020 Vision: CID's marketing predictions for the year ahead

2020 is here and we would be remiss if we didn't take a minute to gaze into our crystal ball (every agency has one) and make some predictions for what we think will be big marketing trends in the year ahead. Here's a look at what we think marketers and agencies will be paying attention to in 2020:


More podcasts than you can shake an earbud at.

Whatever you’re interested in there’s almost certainly a podcast for it, and if there isn’t there probably will be soon. We don’t think their popularity is going to wane any time soon. That’s because they’re a fantastic way to connect with people who are interested in what you (or your brand) has to say. And, unlike videos, people can consume your podcast while driving to work, cleaning the house, or going for a run. A compelling approach to your topic, and high-quality production, will help your podcast stand out. 

BERT’s gonna make copywriters feel loved.

We wrote an entire blog about this. (Take 5 minutes to read it if you want your online presence to thrive in 2020.) Essentially, BERT allows Google to better understand human language, which means more relevant search results. And if you want to be one of those relevant search results, the solution is easy: Stop stuffing content just to hit on keywords, and write like an actual human being that knows what they’re talking about. Or, if you’re pressed for time, you could hire some. (That’s the part that makes copywriters feel loved.)

Return of The Brand

In the age of demand gen, marketing automation and all things data, people will realize they’ve neglected their brand. And if their brand is stronger, all that other stuff will perform better too. We think companies will take time in 2020 to look inward which will lead to more identity refreshes and redesigns. That means more core narratives, and better promises delivered. After all, most CMOs have now become Chief Experience Officers. So they’d better create and deliver killer brand experiences.

Smarter voice search

Speaking of brand experiences...well,  talk to your smart speaker. Branded skills for smart devices like Alexa or Google Home is a way for brands to further weave their way into the lives of consumers. For instance, imagine using Alexa to ask Tide how to get chocolate out of silk or to ask Milwaukee Tool for plans to build a chair. Pretty cool, right? We wouldn’t be surprised if more skills like this started popping up in 2020. (FYI, CID's dev team is pretty skilled at skills, if you’re looking for help developing one for your brand.)

The shape(s) of things to come

On the design front (and back, and sides!) we’ll see more 3D shapes and realism. You could view it as a natural about-face to the flat design aesthetic that has dominated the last few years, but even flat design never lost a sense of light. The style just relied on drop shadows to convey it. Now light and shadow are reuniting (and it feels so good) because the more time we spend interacting with digital properties the more we long for something tactile. And while all these aesthetics have cycles and fads, such as the current neomorphism UI craze (which is a chuckle for those of us who remember the Photoshop Bevel and Emboss craze of decades past), the presence of light, however subtle, will always capture our attention.

The Bucks will win

That’s it. That’s the prediction.  


Those are a few of the things we think will be big trends for marketers in 2020. What's on your marketing radar for the year ahead? Drop us a line to let us know! 

The CI Trends Team

The CI Trends Team

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