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Behind The Scenes At The Wisconsin Sports Awards

Behind The Scenes At The Wisconsin Sports Awards

Every year, CI Design teams up with Good Karma Brands and Plum Media to produce the massive live event known as The Wisconsin Sports Awards. It combines music and dancing with a who’s who of superstar athletes from the high school and college level all the way up to some of the biggest names from the Bucks, Brewers, Packers, and Admirals.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the night of the event:

The Takeaways:

  • We Do A Lot Of Things
    You already knew this, but watching this footage reminded even us of how many different things we can do in-house, from video production and animation to music composition and (obviously) event production. And that’s not even half the list. 

  • We Play Well With Others
    Just because we’re good at a lot of things doesn’t mean we’re good at everything. That’s why we frequently partner up with other agencies. We’re not in the business of keeping all the glory for ourselves. We’re in the business of making the best possible stuff for our clients and their customers. Sometimes, that means teaming up with buddies like Plum Media and Good Karma Brands. The result is always infinitely better because of it.

  • Our Video Team Might Be Actual Wizards
    We can’t really recall a single moment during the event where they weren’t filming or editing for the actual event. Yet somehow, they managed to gather enough footage of our team doing our jobs. The only explanation: They have actual magic powers and can be in two places at once.

Need help taking your live event to the next level? Let’s partner up and make some magic.

The CI News Team

The CI News Team

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