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Announcing the Brand New Vollrath Foodservice Website!
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Announcing the Brand New Vollrath Foodservice Website!

After two years of deep research, hard work, and constant collaboration, we’re proud to announce the launch of the brand new Vollrath Foodservice website.

We worked closely with the entire Vollrath team to create a site that would equip their support, sales, and distribution audience with an invaluable online tool, and their products' end users with a more B2C-feeling web experience.  

It’s a true showcase of the good that can happen when you have digital strategy, content, UX, design, and dev teams all in one place, working together from start to finish.

(Not to mention the project managers who wrangled these departments to stay on schedule. Shoutout to Marcus, Andrew, and Rachel for that miracle.)

In the coming months we’ll dive a little deeper into how the site was made.

For now, just click around and enjoy what Vollrath has to offer.



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