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CID Hearts Podcasts
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CID Hearts Podcasts

We love podcasts, whether we're producing them with our clients, co-hosting them, (shout out to Dylan!), or just listening to them. So what kinds of podcasts are we spending our time with?

Glad you asked. Here's a roundup of our favorite podcasts to listen to while driving, working, cleaning, making art, or working out. Some of them are work-related, and some of them are just for fun, or to learn more about the world. Check 'em out on your favorite podcast platform (our team tends to favor the Overcast app and the Apple Podcast app for their listening).



I fill every quiet moment of my day with podcasts or audiobooks, except when I’m reading, which I fill with music. Of the 84 podcasts I subscribe to, (including a bunch only an iOS developer could love) my most favorite are:

Accidental Tech Podcast

Citations Needed

Judge John Hodgman


The Incomparable podcasts



I usually listen to podcasts on my commute. A few of my favorites are:


Armchair Expert


The Moth




PNR - This Old Marketing Podcast: It went away, and then it came back and it's still fantastic.

CMI - The Weekly Wrap: Shorter, easy to digest, and it always features a brief interview. I love this format from the Content Marketing Institute.

Work/Life with Adam Grant: Adam Grant is a genius organizational psychologist and a great interviewer. You get lots of different perspectives on business here, and the way they do ads through storytelling is admirable.



I usually listen directly from the websites they live on while I am painting or cleaning:


Making Sense with Sam Harris

Hidden Brain

How I Built This with Guy Raz (the best one is with Lady Gaga)

The On Being Project



I listen in the car on the way to and from work, usually to CoRecursive and Software Engineering Daily. I love these two episodes in particular because of the quality of guests and the quality of conversations:


CoRecursive talks with Shadaj Laddad

Software Engineering Daily with Tim O'Reilly



The podcast I listen to the most is NPR's Marketplace podcast for the interesting takes on economic stories.




I usually listen to them at work, in the car, when I’m cleaning the house, or in the case of the last two on my list, when I’m getting my kid ready for the day or ready to go to bed.

You're Wrong About: Revisiting scandals, crimes, and cultural trends, often from the 1990s, and diving deeper into what was behind them.

Keep It: Hollywood meets politics and it's super fun and funny.

The Dream: Exploring what's really behind popular enterprises like MLMs and the wellness industry.

Another Round: This podcast ended a few years ago but it's so good that I can't not have it on my list. Heben and Tracy talk pop culture, politics, and Black culture. 

Story Pirates: Hilarious podcast for kids featuring sketch comedy and songs by some folks from the Upright Citizen's Brigade improv company.

Little Stories for Tiny People: Cute bedtime stories for little kids written and performed by a charming storyteller named Rhea.



One of my favorites is Stuff You Should Know. I love the interesting topics and the quirkiness of the hosts. I mostly listen on my way to/from work and when I’m at home relaxing.




What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito I frequently revisit this one because they have so many great conversations with LEGENDS

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend - Every Monday morning!

And I just downloaded Dolly Parton’s America.


Have a hot tip on a podcast we should check out? Interested in working with us on creating one for your brand? Get in touch with us!

The CI Trends Team

The CI Trends Team

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