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A Modern, More Connected Website:
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A Modern, More Connected Website:

A website we recently launched was named a Top 10 Kentico Website for July 2020 by Kentico Xperience. We’re feeling pretty dang good about being recognized by Kentico, so we wanted to share what went into making this project, and what we did to make it Top Ten-worthy.

The need: A new site for this era and the next

Metal-Era, a commercial roofing company, wanted to modernize its website presence and create better connections with their target audiences through a streamlined, organized user experience. Their site had a deep well of content, and an array of service offerings, but without clear organization or a simple user journey, it was proving difficult to drive lead generation from awareness, to quote, to order.

In short: Metal-Era needed a new website and client portal that would be efficiently built for what’s now and what’s next. 

To make the change from an outdated site to a modern site full of capabilities, CID led Metal-Era through the discovery, design, and development process. Together we identified content, structure, features, and technical specifications that would bring the new site to life and put their goals within reach. CID’s team evaluated their needs and ultimately recommended building the site on the Kentico platform.


Implementing Kentico Xperience 

The Kentico Xperience digital experience platform (DXP) built using the MVC development methodology, and Azure Storage were implemented for this website redesign. 

During this engagement, a custom product database was integrated with the front end. This allows users to browse products in various categories, as well as request custom quotes directly from the company, based on the products added to the quote cart. That feature helps users form a more complete picture of the options Metal-Era offers, without a lot of extra clicking around or info to keep track of on their own. 

Additionally, a variety of calculators were made available to all users in order to reveal the exact needs for each project they were interested in pursuing.

Making browsing and comparing options easier doesn’t just reduce user frustration. It also makes conversion from lead to customers that much more likely.


A streamlined site benefits internal teams too

In addition to driving customer conversions, Metal-Era also wanted to reduce reliance on their IT team for things like product information updates. 

That’s one more reason CID confidently recommended building the site using the all-new Kentico Xperience instance built using MVC. The easy-to-navigate user interface enables business users to manage all content, products, and channel partner user accounts simply. What used to take days now takes minutes to accomplish.


A better website is possible

Committing to a site overhaul can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you have a deep product catalog, as Metal-Era does. But, making the switch to a streamlined system can be done with an experienced team at your side. CID worked closely with Metal-Era to create a website that enabled them to work smarter, better connect with potential customers, and happens to look fantastic by design.  


Get experienced advice on smoothly integrating complex systems with a modern MarComm stack. Contact us to plan your digital transformation now. 



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