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Staying On Top of Customer Experience During COVID-19
Digital Marketing

Staying On Top of Customer Experience During COVID-19

Keep It Easy for Customers to Find You

This is something that local businesses, like restaurants that are still open for curbside pickup, should prioritize.

The minimum information that needs to be up to date on your website and Google My Business listing: 

  •     New and/or adjusted hours 
  •     Which locations are open
  •     Any phone numbers or other contact info that may have changed

You can also consider adding a highlighted message on the homepage of your website to let customers know you are still open. 

For bonus points, update your meta description so potential customers can see you’re open right on the page of search results before they even get to your website, like so:

Review Your Ads

If your business was running ads before COVID-19 hit, take a closer look at them again through the lens we see the world through today. Industries like finance, travel, and event planning have each been impacted uniquely, and businesses in these spaces (and others) should take special care to ensure their ads are sending the right message.

Ad Messaging

Something as innocuous as offering a virus scan – even if it’s for your computer – can carry an unintentional message without context.  

Comb through your ads to ensure the wording doesn’t take on a new meaning. If there’s even a hint of uncertainty that it could misrepresent your brand, it’s best to change it. 

Ad Imagery

Images in your ads with folks high-fiving or shaking hands – anything that could be interpreted as ignoring social distancing rules could irk your audience. Your business has been taking social distancing seriously for weeks. Don’t give your audience any reason to think otherwise. 


Stay Agile

Instead of losing hope, be on the lookout for ways your business can pivot. And who knows – there might be an untapped revenue stream you discover through all of this. Let yourself be inspired by new ideas for your business. You just might stumble across the idea that sticks around long after things go back to “normal.”

Stay on top of these three things – keeping it easy for your customers to find you, reviewing your ads, and staying agile – and it will help immensely in this unique situation we’re all in. 


Need assistance with any of the areas above? Get in touch with us and learn how to optimize your customer experience.

Chloe Derse

Chloe Derse

Associate SEM Specialist

Chloe has helped bring a variety of digital projects to life including websites, email marketing campaigns, and Google Ad campaigns. She takes a break from the digital world by hiking, and hopes to someday hike the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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