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CID's Dog Days of Summer
Fun and Games

CID's Dog Days of Summer

Do you like dogs?

We do too!

Since we aren't quite ready to let go of summer yet (because technically it still is summer after all), we're sharing some of our favorite pictures of our dogs to help us, and you, come to terms with the looming change in season. 


Appa the Pup

This cute little pup is Appa, who definitely deserves all the bones, thank you very much!


Cassie & Cora 

Cas and Cora are super into naps and hugs. 



Cocoa! He is of unknown age (so ageless and eternal, like a wise old wizard), and he loves being carried everywhere. Smart pup.



Meet Gus, whose derp game is as strong as his lounge game. You're a good boy, Gus. 



Lafawnda, who is a very busy little lady.



Maisy, looking good lazing about in one of her many hats.



And finally, Luna, who looks like she might be part dire wolf but is definitely 100% amazing.


The CI News Team

The CI News Team

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