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Kentico Connections 2019 Takeaways from the Mile High City
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Kentico Connections 2019 Takeaways from the Mile High City

The 2019 Kentico Connections event wrapped up this past Friday in Denver. Two of our team members attended the conference to keep up with this powerful content and marketing platform, the business strategy, and product roadmap for Kentico and changes coming in 2020. Here are some of their takeaways.


Model-view-controller (MVC) is coming on fast

The switch to MVC is imperative with Kentico 2020 on the horizon. The path to upgrade beyond V12 necessitates an upgrade to MVC, which means users that need help upgrading should start building inhouse MVC developer skills or looking for the right implementation partner sooner than later. (The CID dev team has been working on two major Kentico 12 MVC implementations for clients that will launch in 2019. Watch this space for more learning on that!)


What’s in a Name?

By the way, beyond V12 Kentico will be switching up the version naming format. The new release in 2020 will drop the V13 moniker and be known as Kentico 2020.

Kentico Connections Photo Collage

Attendee Demographics - They’re a Change’n

Having attended Kentico conferences for more than five years we’ve noticed a shift in who’s participating. At past Kentico conferences, the attendees have heavily weighted toward partner agencies and a little more tech leaning. At Denver 2019 we noticed a shift to a great mix of partners/agencies and corporate attendees. There were also more analysts there this year and the balance between business/marketing track and technology track content has improved greatly. These are all good signs of a maturing platform that’s best-in-breed and receiving attention from many sectors. 


Content as a service is more accessible than ever

“Kentico Kontent” is the new brand name for Kentico’s cloud product (previously Kentico Cloud). With this offering, Kentico is banking on “content as a service” or CaaS being a practical and attractive option for clients. That’s because Kontent can now integrate with ERP, DAM, PIM, CDN, and more, which means duplicating information is a thing of the past. Just seamlessly consume and aggregate one source of content truth for marketing, product, and development users across multiple channels. Kentico Kontent can even feed content to websites/microsites built on other platforms.


This is just a taste of what the team learned at Kentico Connections 2019. As they decompress and digest what they learned, they’ll be putting their thoughts together to share right here on the blog. 


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