Summer Guide: Our Favorite Patio Hot Spots
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Summer Guide: Our Favorite Patio Hot Spots

Milwaukee is finally, finally starting to thaw out and that means it’s time for three things: shirtless Milverine sightings, complaining about the heat, and eating as many meals as possible outside before everything freezes over again.

We asked folks around the CI Design office to share their favorite places to grab a bite and enjoy the summer vibes.


The Kiltie drive-in in Oconomowoc. It’s only open in summer so everyone looks forward to it. Over the years we would occasionally pack our family into the car and drive out for a "special" dinner and ice cream.


The Landing at Hoyt Park Beer Garden is one of my favorite spots. It has live music a few nights a week, good beer, good food and a playground for kids. When we want to get away we like to head to Lion’s Den gorge overlook picnic area for stunning views of Lake Michigan.


My favorite Milwaukee patio is at Barnacle Bud's. Polka bands, booze, and boats by a river? C’mon! What’s more summer than that?


I like to head out to the beach at Kohler-Andrae State Park in Sheboygan. I also spend lots of time on my back balcony, but that is members-only.


My friends Elaine and Steve's renovated Victorian house in Brewers Hill is probably my favorite outdoor spot. They have a big wrap around covered porch and host themed dinner parties. We all bring a dish and eat too much and perhaps drink a little too much too. ;)


I absolutely love La Merenda's patio. It has such a great atmosphere and the food is always amazing!


The Milwaukee County Parks Beer Gardens, especially the traveling beer gardens, are a lot of fun to experience.


The Outsider at the top of the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in the Third Ward. It’s a little pricey, but they’ve got great cocktails, comfortable couches and fire tables, and fantastic atmosphere, not to mention an amazing view.


My favorite outdoor patio in Milwaukee is Nomad on Brady because they have a great atmosphere with activities, especially in the summer!


The first three that come to mind: Barnacle Buds, Burnhearts (especially on days when Fox Fire is parked outside), and Vanguard. Apparently, I’m a big fan of picnic tables.


If you see us out and about this summer, say hi.

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