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What we do: We combine design, technology, and an understanding of how humans work to make your brand successful. 

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Architecting your brand combines art, intuitive technology and compelling story. At CI Design you'll find practitioners of each working together for you. You have a story, a product, an idea that deserves to be represented skillfully.  Here's how we can help: 

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We work with a diverse group of clients, each with unique audiences. We reveal the soul of your brand to set you apart. Custom thinking fuels our pencils.

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CID produces product and character animation, as well as documentary, narrative, and experimental film projects. Most projects include CID original music. 

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The websites and Apps that we design are architected for meaningful engagement, and advance technology for great user-experience.

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CID produces events that capture the imagination of your audience. From big-picture planning to every detail, we help you make your event unforgettable.

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